Modbus Slave

Modbus Slave 7.4

Simulates slave devices for Windows systems
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Create virtual slave devices for testing or checking Windows functionality when working with 32-bit systems. the program enables speeding up your PLC programming and monitoring the performance or checking compatibility in real time. The interface is similar to that of Modbus Poll.

Modbus Slave is a software tool built to help people that work in industrial environments, like factory assembly lines, or machinery. Thanks to Modbus Slave, specialists can speed up their PLC programming by executing and simulating up to 32 devices in 32 separate windows.

The program comes wrapped in a basic interface, comprised of a menu tab, a toolbar, and a working area. There are no theme or advanced customization options, and though the menu navigation is done easily, at times the interface becomes sluggish.

Some of the most important features embedded in Modbus Slave are represented by a Serial data traffic monitor, OLE Automation, a print and preview function, and multiple display formats. Moreover, users can control the RS-485 converters with the RTS toggle, select fonts and colors, or adjust the address base. Novice users can consult the user manual for more detailed information about the program's features.

All things considered, Modbus Slave is an important software solution for specialists that work in PLC programming. Its price is average, and it seems justified.

John Saunders
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  • Includes a Serial data traffic monitor
  • Comes with OLE Automation
  • Has a Print and preview function


  • The interface is sluggish sometimes
  • Has no advanced customizations
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